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  • High Frequency Spindle Units

    High Frequency Spindle Units for Milling, High Frequency Spindle Units for Turning, High Frequency Spindle Units for Grinding, Frequency Converter, Lubricators, Cooling Systems

  • Spindle Bearings

    Spindle Bearings, Hybrid-Spindle Bearings, High Speed Spindle Bearings, Hybrid-High Speed Spindle Bearings, Design Examples.

  • Bearing Cartridges

    Bearing Cartridges for Spindle Bearings, Bearing Cartridges for High Precision Spindle Bearings, Bearing Cartridges for Ball Screw Support Bearings

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The Universal-Kugellager-Fabrik GmbH was founded 1932 in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Advantages include: Design & Manufacturing by one source; latest standard production equipment; a comprehensive quality program (ISO certified); decades of experience; and an ongoing commitment to continually improve our products and processes.


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